This morning Bloomberg tweeted that Motorola’s claim against Apple in front of the US Federal Trade Commission has been dropped. Although Motorola reserves the right to refile a claim, Apple is still pursing a separate settlement based on smartphone-related patents. That trial is scheduled to begin on Nov. 5. In addition, both Apple and Motorola are waiting for Dec. 21 to hear the ruling on whether Apple infringed a Motorola patent for a sensor to protect against accidental hangups. 


It’s surprising that Motorola is dropping a patent claim against Apple because when Google purchased Motorola for a whopping $12.5 billion back in May that price and the reason for the purchase was widely believed to be patent-related. The claims that were withdrawn include seven Motorola patents covering interactive voice commands, reminders based on location, and video players.

Currently, Apple has notched the biggest victory US Smartphone patent wars embroiling Android, winning $1.05 billion in damages from Samsung.

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