At the end of last month, Apple CEO Tim Cook stepped forward to apologize for Apple’s Maps software which did not perform up to the expectations of the masses, and he did the right thing by asking users of the iPhone 5 (as well as others who updated their iDevice to iOS 6) to make use of other navigation software instead – even those from rivals such as Nokia with their Nokia Transport app. Well, Nokia has made sure that the latest Nokia Transport beta update is now made available to the masses, where you can find additional improvements made to this bit of software.

Nokia Transport beta is now smarter in the sense where it can figure out what you likely want to search for in terms of transport stations, and prioritize them according to your past history just for you. This would mean spending less time going through the possible destination list for that added touch of efficiency in your life. Nokia Transport is available in over 550 cities worldwide, and cities with available and published public transport schedules will see Nokia Transport deliver timetable routing as well.

Take note that there will be a publishing delay of one to two days on Windows Phone Store in your country or region, so if you did not see the new version appear, just check back at the store later, or wait for your handset to inform you of an update.

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