Being a stroke patient these days, you have a far better quality of life and higher chance of returning to a normal lifestyle with the kind of medical technologies and advances at our disposal. Well, robots come into the picture, too, with the Robotherapist 3D being a robot which is touted to aids stroke patients’ recovery. This is the first robot of its kind that is touted to enable patients to begin exercises while supine, making sure that the recovery process is expedited. Somehow, living in the world of instant noodles, this does not come across as too much of a surprise to us.

The Robotherapist robot will enable movement in two dimensions, while sensors have been thrown into the mix in order to determine the patient’s condition. A sound feedback system will assist in the rehabilitation process as well, and it was explained that “with this robot, certain tasks are carried out. The patient’s arm is moved parallel to the table: to the right, to the left and in a straight line. They are exercises to improve coordination.”

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