Skype logoToday would be the day where Mac users are able to poke fun at Windows users, as Skype, the VoIP software of choice for many, is the platform that hackers used to distribute a “worm” which will infect only Windows-powered computers. How do you know that this is a “worm” and not a legit question from a friend? Remember, when you see an instant message that says “lol is this your new profile pic?”, and clicking on it, you would have then downloaded a file that holds a Trojan horse malware file.

Once the malware gets to work, a backdoor will be opened, enabling hackers to hijack infected PCs, making sure they are part of a “botnet army” afterwards. Not only that, if the hacker wants to, you can be locked out of your machine – a digital ransom, so to speak. This is a variant of the well-known “Dorkbot” worm, so you might want to think thrice before simply clicking on any link, even if it comes from an apparently trusted source.

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