A self-proclaimed Apple freak has wired his home in a certain way, so much so that he uses the Apple iPad to take control of the home’s automation. When coupled with the Crestron home automation app in his hands, he has quite the winner on the table here. Of course, this also meant that his pad has its fair share of sensors, motors, and remote controlled thermostats. The total amount that he forked out to date to do up his dream home in a fully automated manner? Don’t cringe now, but we are singing to the tune of $80,000 thereabouts.

Well, using your iPad to control stuff in your home itself is priceless if you are a truly connected person who cannot live without your iPad. At least you can feed your cat whenever you are not around, deciding to skip town for a few days, or opt to broadcast a video stream, or even warm up your driveway if the latest weather report point towards plenty of snow coming your way. Of course, nothing beats coming home to a cool home during the sweltering summer, when you can turn on the air conditioner when you have just left the office.

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