The older we get, the more paperwork we need to keep track of. For starters, we do have plenty of receipts throughout the month considering the number of purchases that we make, and apart from writing those down, you can always scan them for digital storage so that you are able to free up more space from boxes at home or at the office. The Doxie One personal scanner intends to fill this niche, bringing you one step closer to a paperless world for just $149 a pop. It will ship later this November, making it ideal as a Christmas present, where the Doxie One is future forward as it boasts of Apple Lightning and 30-pin SD accessories, in addition to having a Doxie app for Mac + PC with Dropbox & Evernote cloud integration, ABBYY OCR technology, and PDF delivery via iMessage.

It scans automatically without the need for a computer, all you need to do is push a button and insert your receipt/paper, and you’re good to go. It scans just about anywhere you are, and Doxie’s modern app will deliver intuitive controls so that you can organize your way around, saving them receipts to searchable PDFs, being able to share documents, and even sending them to the cloud. Since it measures roughly the size of an empty paper towel roll, you know that packing this puppy is a snap. Good thing it even comes with an SD memory card to help you get started right out of the box. [Product Page]

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