You might not be able to find King Kong atop the Empire State Building this time around, but yesterday, many New Yorkers would have been able to track the voting results in real time by seeing the top of the Empire State Building lighted up with bar graphs – displaying electoral votes for President Barack Obama in blue and Gov. Mitt Romney in red. The graphs will appear on the newly installed LED panels, and these displays are more than capable of showing moving scenes in addition to 16 million different colors.

The lower part of the Empire State Building will feature red, white and blue stripes, while the “bar graph” will appear on top of that. The moment President Barack Obama’s votes showed that he will be in the White House for another term, the lights changed all to blue. Now that the elections are over, the LED panels can be used to display patterns which are programmed using computers, and these lights were also tipped to be more energy efficient compared to its predecessors, reducing the building’s energy use by 20% – now how about that?

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