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Kyocera Micro-LED Display Is Amazingly Bright
At CEATEC 2019, we had a good look at the Kyocera / Glo next-gen micro-LED display technology in the form of a 1.8-inch display (0.7mm thick) that reaches an amazing 3000 NITs brightness, according to the company.

GE Doing Away With CFL Bulbs In Favor Of LED
The shift towards LED lighting has been gradual but one can’t deny that it’s happening and GE wants to nudge it along. The company has announced that it’s going to slowly phase out the sale of CFL light bulbs in the United States over the coming year in favor of LED bulbs. GE is effectively going to replace its entire product lineup of CFL bulbs in the United States to […]

LED Shoes Are The Bomb
Technology and fashion tend to go hand in hand, and we see overlaps of this in the realm of smartwatches as well as wearable fitness devices. With the wearable tech market far from slowing down, but rather, is picking up in steam, you can be sure that we are making that slow but sure move in the direction of clothing that has been styled according to what we saw in […]

Hammock With LEDs And An Inflatable Mattress Will Change How You Camp
We get that camping outdoors isn’t necessarily an activity that everyone enjoys. There’s no running water, no clean toilets, it can be hot, sweaty, sticky, and full of bugs. However, the folks at Eagles Nest Outfitters have recently come up with an interesting hammock design that will hopefully make your next camping trip a bit more luxurious.


These Retro-looking Lightbulbs Are Made With LEDs
LEDs are probably the way we are going to light our homes in the future, or at least until the next big thing comes along. However if you don’t like LED lightbulbs because they look a bit too futuristic and lack that “warmth” in terms of its design, fret not because companies like Bulbrite and Lightning Science have put out some pretty interesting designs.As you can see in the photos, […]

Dyson's LED Bulb Has 37-Year Lifespan
The Dyson brand has certainly captured the imagination of many people, delivering aesthetically pleasing products that also deliver on the performance front, ranging from bladeless fans to a hand dryer that gets the job done in double quick time, not to mention a vacuum cleaner range that works extremely well. Well, this time around, Dyson has moved on to the world of sustainable lighting, where their own take on the […]

Philips Uses LEDs To Guide Shoppers Indoors
Apple’s iBeacon platform is one of the ways that many believe will change the way we do our shopping in stores. Basically for those unfamiliar with the technology, it uses Bluetooth to detect when a customer is nearby, which in turn could prompt them on their phone with announcements such as discounts on a particular food product, and so on.However Philips might have something up their sleeves too with the […]

Philips Introduces More Affordable $5 LED Lightbulb
LED lightbulbs have been touted as a great way for consumers to save electricity and reduce their bills, but this is a long-term thing and the upfront costs for LED bulbs are a bit of a put off. However Philips has decided to help make things a bit more affordable by announcing a new LED lightbulb that will only cost $5.Granted $5 is still a bit more expensive that regular […]

The Lunaluxx Levitating Lamp Is A Great Conversation Topic
Lamps have been around for decades and all sorts of shapes and designs have been created since then. However if you’re in the market for something futuristic and one that will have your guests talking, then perhaps the Lunaluxx levitating lamp might be just what the doctor ordered as it should have no problems doing just that.As the name implies, the Lunaluxx is a lamp that features a light emitting […]

Modern Edison Bulbs Running On Power Saving LEDs
We all know that Edison Bulbs suck more energy in comparison to the energy efficient LEDs, but somehow, LEDs fail to add the same ambience to the room as the Edison Bulbs. With time energy saving has become a priority in most of the households and due to which Edison Bulbs have taken a backseat.Interestingly, a London-based design label Buster & Punch, has come up with a stylish way to […]

Times Square Gets New Digital Billboard
The Times Square in New York is an iconic place to be, not only in American folklore, but also in the eyes of the world. After all, that is where the ball drops each New Year, and it is a focal point for advertisers to ply their wares, taking into consideration the number of eyeballs that pass through that place every single hour of the day. When it comes to […]

Easy Guitar System Uses LED Lights To Teach
For someone who is musically deaf like me, learning to play a simple music instrument can prove to be extremely challenging, or perhaps even downright impossible. However, thanks to the advent of technology, there has been tools to assist in teaching folks like me on playing various instruments. I have always had a mind to learn the guitar, although I have failed miserably whenever picking up tips from YouTube tutorials. […]

Mazda’s Adaptive LED Headlights Could Result In Safer Night Driving
[CEATEC 2014] It goes without saying that driving in low light conditions is a whole lot more challenging compared to doing so in broad daylight. After all, you can never quite tell just when your eyes might miss something ahead of you, resulting in a tragedy or an unwanted collision. Hence, headlight technology in vehicles will need to up the ante, and over the years, LED technology has done a […]

Stanley Electric Shows Off LED Lighting Capabilities
[CEATEC 2014] There is nothing quite like having some lighting to help spruce up a presentation or booth. LED lighting has proven itself to be highly reliable, not to mention energy efficient in getting the job done. Stanley Electric does have a fair amount of experience and expertise when it comes to beautifying a place with its range of LED lighting solutions, as you can see in the image gallery […]

Flashing LEDs Could Help Self-Driving Cars Navigate Better At Night
When it comes to self-driving cars, I am quite sure that much more testing needs to be done, not to mention a whole lot of standardization being agreed upon before it is rolled out on a global scale. After all, machines are not 100% foolproof all the time, especially not when we hear about Google’s research team allowing their self-driving cars to actually break the legal speed limit. Driving around […]

LEDs Inform Riders Of Optimal Speed To Green Light On Bicycle Highway In Denmark
So, you have decided to go green by getting around on a pair of wheels, with you spending more time with your bicycle than in your car? That is great, but just to make sure that your cycling adventures are “optimized” even further, there is this particular LED signboard located in Copenhagen, Denmark, that will inform a cyclist to ride at a certain speed in order to get to the […]

New LED Lamps Could Help Save Money, Improve Safety
As we move more and more towards a paradigm shift in thinking, having a concern for the environment so that the next generation will have a place to live on earth, new advancements have been made to be more power efficient while lowering wastage. Take the Solar Impulse 2 for example – this solar-powered plane intends to circumnavigate the globe on solar power alone! It looks like Jersey’s street lighting […]

Philips' SlimStyle LED Bulb Available Jan. 2 For Under $10
Philips has been offering some interesting lightbulbs over the years that can do a number of things, one of which is save you a ton of cash on your electricity bills. Starting in January, the U.S. will put an end to incandescent bulbs as the country attempts to move on to a future filled with LED bulbs. Philips is stepping up their LED game with its new 60-watt-equivalent SlimStyle LED […]

NAVIGATE Jacket Uses LEDs, Haptic Feedback To Help Direct Its Wearer
Trusting your phone to navigate you through a heavily-populated city is something we’re sure many of us have done as we try our best to follow directions to get to our destination in a timely manner. But what if our clothing could be used to help direct us to our destination? That would help in cutting down how often we stare at our phones, and is exactly what the NAVIGATE […]

Philips Introduces LED Lighting System To Help Comfort Intensive Care Patients
The intensive care unit of any hospital is probably one of the most important areas considering patients need some serious care in order to survive their ailment. Medicine, surgeries and other forms of interventions are common for those in the intesive care unit, making trying to find comfortable surroundings rather difficult. Philips is looking to change that as they’re looking to improve patient care by simply using LEDs.