dyson-led-bulbThe Dyson brand has certainly captured the imagination of many people, delivering aesthetically pleasing products that also deliver on the performance front, ranging from bladeless fans to a hand dryer that gets the job done in double quick time, not to mention a vacuum cleaner range that works extremely well. Well, this time around, Dyson has moved on to the world of sustainable lighting, where their own take on the LED bulb has led them to a proprietary model that lays claim to a 37 year life span, courtesy of superior cooling technology that does its bit to add years to the bulbs’ lives.

Jake Dyson has this to say about the company’s latest achievement, “Other designers have made half-hearted attempts to cool LEDs. But it’s not enough. Their lights are built to fail and they don’t seem to mind. We mind. So we’ve invented the first light that cools LEDs properly. As a result, it lasts for 37 years.”

Majority of the manufacturers out there would solve the heating issue with LED bulbs by using heat sinks in the base of the bulbs, so that additional air can circulate and allow the heat to escape, but Dyson’s solution is different. Each bulb will instead be connected to a horizontal heat-pipe technology, and this aluminum heat sink will do its job to draw heat away from the bulb, ensuring a steady temperature of 131º F that helps preserve the LED’s phosphorus coating – hence the 37 year lifespan.

Known as the CSYS, this task light that has many bulbs will let one move the light 360 degrees with both horizontal and vertical sliding arms, where all eight bulbs deliver 587 lumens per square meter of light, as well as boast a futuristic touch-sensitive dimming feature. Expect the CSYS to retail for £399 ($610) apiece.

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