led hammockWe get that camping outdoors isn’t necessarily an activity that everyone enjoys. There’s no running water, no clean toilets, it can be hot, sweaty, sticky, and full of bugs. However, the folks at Eagles Nest Outfitters have recently come up with an interesting hammock design that will hopefully make your next camping trip a bit more luxurious.

Dubbed the DoubleNest LED, this is a hammock that’s a slight upgrade over the regular DoubleNest. It will support 400-pounds (assuming it’s tied to sturdy trees) and it will also come with a host of LED lights spread around the edge of the hammock. The brightness can be adjusted so that you can either use it as a nightlight to find your way back to camp, or you can use it to read at night.

self inflating matterssIt can even be set to strobe in case of emergencies and you’re trying to get the attention of a helicopter. It will be powered by three AAA batteries, so you can bring some spare in the event the batteries die out. To top things off, the company has also introduced the AirLoft, which is an inflatable mattress designed specifically for use in a hammock.

So if you want a more comfortable night’s rest, then this could be worth checking out. The DoubleNest LED is priced at $99.95 and will be launching in September while the AirLoft mattress will retail for $94.95.

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