led bulb 2LEDs are probably the way we are going to light our homes in the future, or at least until the next big thing comes along. However if you don’t like LED lightbulbs because they look a bit too futuristic and lack that “warmth” in terms of its design, fret not because companies like Bulbrite and Lightning Science have put out some pretty interesting designs.

As you can see in the photos, these lightbulbs upon first glance might look like an old traditional Edison-style lightbulb. However if you were to look closely, you will notice that within these bulbs are not your traditional filament used back in the day, but rather they are replaced with LED strips.

led bulbThis allows designers like those two companies to create retro-looking lightbulbs without sacrificing the efficiency that is LED. According to Lighting Science’s CTO Fred Maxik, “As the technology converged with our abilities, we thought it was important to start improving the aesthetic of light. People have been putting incandescent bulbs in fixtures for years and love the way they look, and we thought it was important to respect that.”

We have to admit that they look pretty good and if that’s the kind of design you’re after, hit up Bulbrite’s website for more information on their Nostalgic lineup, or head on over to Lighting Science’s website to check out their Roxy series of lightbulbs.

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