chromatic-sneakersTechnology and fashion tend to go hand in hand, and we see overlaps of this in the realm of smartwatches as well as wearable fitness devices. With the wearable tech market far from slowing down, but rather, is picking up in steam, you can be sure that we are making that slow but sure move in the direction of clothing that has been styled according to what we saw in the sci-fi series TRON. The Electric Styles LED high-top shoes that you can see on the right are certainly electrifying to say the least, where it arrives in black or white color options.

They will not be lighted up using kinetic energy alone though, as the Electric Styles LED shoes boast of an integrated battery pack which will be able to function for up to half a dozen hours on a full charge, depending on the kind of operation mode that it is in.

One will be able to select from seven colors of illumination where the Electric Styles LED shoes are concerned, and certainly this is a traffic stopper, since you can have it strobe or change its colors like a moving rainbow, depending on your choice. Even when it is not illuminated, the Electric Styles LED high-top shoes will not look out of place as a fashionable piece of footwear. Best worn if you are going to go clubbing, we suppose.

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