Japan does come out with some weird and quirky inventions from time to time, and perhaps you might want to quantify the Gesture Glove Mouse as one of them, being made available via Thanko. Wearing this is not going to keep your fingers and hand warmer during the coming bitter winter, but at least it lets you feel as though you are a Jedi Knight – for a while, anyways, as you wear the Gesture Glove Mouse to control a computer or an Android-powered device via the wonders of hand gestures alone.

Retailing for approximately $61.87 after conversion, you will wear the Gesture Glove Mouse on your right hand (southpaws will miss out on this product since it was specially made only for right handed folks at this point in time), where the strap on the connected sensor will be hooked to their index finger. The glove is capable of reading your wrist movements, translating that into cursor movements. Want to click on an icon or menu option? Just use your thumb and index finger. It works wirelessly, and has a maximum working range of 10 meters. A single hour of charging over USB will deliver up to a dozen hours of use, now how about that?

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