Introducing tablets into the classrooms on the surface might seem that it might benefit students the most – after all they will be the ones interacting with it and learning from it, right? Well it seems like a nice side effect has come out of using tablets in the classrooms and in an article by Edudemic, it has  been suggested that using the iPad in the class not only benefits the students, but at the same time invigorates the teachers that are using the iPads as well! It seems that by using this new form of teaching method and technology in the class has invigorated some teachers, making them become “facilitators of student learning” as opposed to just pushing rote knowledge. Of course we expect that this will differ from teacher to teacher, but it’s still interesting to note that everyone benefits from new technology being introduced in the classrooms. Any teachers out there who might have had experience teaching with tablets in their classes? Let us know in the comments below!

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