Children Could Reportedly Be At Risk Of Being Influenced By Robots

Peer pressure is something that we all have to put up with throughout our lives, but it seems that in the future when robots become more prevalent in our homes and society, it appears that there could be a risk of what researchers are calling “robot influence”, and one that parents need to be concerned about.

Japanese Students Use VR To Recreate Hiroshima Bombing

Virtual reality (VR) can be used for entertainment, but at the same time it can also be used for educational purposes. A good example would be over in Japan where high school students have produced a 5 minute VR experience that is meant to recreate the sights and sounds of what it was like when Hiroshima was bombed.

Google Glass Can Help Kids With Autism

In recent times we’ve started to realize how wearables have the potential to help with certain medical conditions. For example recently it was discovered that over in China, the use of virtual reality could potentially help gauge how well drug addicts are recovering in rehab. Now it looks like another wearable in the form of Google Glass can also help kids with autism.

Parents Are Now Hiring ‘Fortnite’ Tutors For Their Kids

While there are still some stereotypes of gamers that remain, long gone are the days where parents view video games as a waste of time, namely because there has been a shift in the industry and trends where being a professional gamer can be a lucrative gig. In fact not only is it a lucrative gig, but eSports are now starting to be recognized as an actual sport.


Kano’s Harry Potter Wand Will Teach You How To Code (And Be A Wizard)

For old school programmers, learning to code back in the day was a pretty dull affair where you had to learn what you needed to know from thick manuals. Things have definitely come a long way where companies are now coming up with ways to make programming fun and exciting to entice kids into picking up the skill.

School Teacher Uses Nintendo Labo In His Lessons

The Nintendo Labo might seem like a toy at first glance, but as is the case with most gadgets, how you use it is up to you. For example while the Labo has been used for gaming purposes, we’ve also seen it used for non-gaming purposes, and that’s exactly what Chris McGivern is doing.

Algeria Shuts Off Internet To Stop Students From Cheating

Students and cheating in exams is a “tradition” that will never truly be eliminated. In fact if anything, cheating has been taken to the next level thanks to the use of technology in which students are finding new ways to cheat in exams. However it seems that in a bid to cut down on cheating, Algeria has decided to turn off the internet.

Apple Teams Up With Sesame Workshop For Kids’ Shows

While there is clearly a market for video content aimed at teens or adults (Netflix and Hulu are great examples of capitalizing on that), there is also a huge market out there for shows designed to entertain kids. YouTube is aware of this to the extent of launching a version of YouTube dedicated to kids.

University Of Alabama Students Can Now Use Apple Watch As Student IDs

Considering that our lives are filled with all kinds of gadgets, it makes to streamline certain things. For example pilots are starting to make the shift from paper manuals to iPads, and we’re seeing the same in sports where coaches are using tablets for playbooks. Now it looks like similar conveniences are coming to students.

Google Search Now Offers More Details About Colleges In Results

Google Search over the years has started to make searching for information easier and more efficient. For example if you search for a word definition, it will display it directly in the results which saves users time from having to go to specific websites. This is the same for movie times and so on.

High School Student Phishes Teachers To Change Grades

There is no doubt that taking exams can be stressful, especially if you need a good grade whether it be to get into the school of your choice, or to prevent yourself from being kicked out, and so on. However what lengths would you go to get a good grade? In the case of a 16-year old high school student from Concord, California, phishing was the answer.

Full Sail University Will Use VR To Help Online Students Feel Less Isolated

These days we’re starting to see more traditional education institutions offer online courses for those who want to learn a new subject but don’t have time to go to school in person, live in another country, or who are looking for a more affordable course than paying for a full diploma or degree.

Ohio’s Ashland University To Offer ‘Fortnite’ Scholarships

Scholarships to schools are usually given on the merit of the person applying for it, and in the past it used to be based on either how smart the student is based on their grades, or if they were athletic enough where they could represent the school that they are applying for. However these days we are starting to see a different type of scholarship where schools are giving them […]

Google’s Grasshopper App Teaches You How To Code On Your Phone

These days it is becoming clear that learning how to code, or at least understanding the concepts of programming, is an important skill to have. So much so that we’ve seen various companies such as Apple launch initiatives that teach children how to code, ingraining in them the knowledge at a young age.