This Browser Game Will Teach People How To Spot Fake News

With how much a lot of us rely on the internet these days for our news consumption, it has created a problem and that is fake news. This is because just about anyone can create an online account and publish their thoughts, and if not properly researched, people can easily buy into that information.

Google’s New Curriculum Wants To Teach Kids How To Spot Fake News

The internet is a great place for information, but we’re sure that back in the day, we never really thought that the internet could be abused to help spread fake news or misinformation. Unfortunately, that is a reality that we are dealing with today, and it also seems like being able to detect it is harder than ever.

Osmo Launches A New iPad Learning Kit For Preschoolers

The way kids learn these days is very different from back in our days. However, some of it is still based on the fundamentals, such as playing with blocks and shapes, and that seems to be what Osmo is going for when they announced their new Little Genius Starter Kit which is an iPad learning kit aimed at preschoolers.

AI Used To Study Brains To Help Teachers Improve On Their Lessons

We all learn in different ways, some are visual learners, some are more book learners, some are naturally gifted, while others might take longer to understand a concept. This is why teachers have such a hard job because what they try to teach their students might not necessarily be understood by all of them.


Kano Wants To Teach Children How To Build Their Own Computer With A DIY Kit

While the majority of computers these days come prebuilt, building your own PC can be a fun and fulfilling experience. This is because you get to pick and choose your own components and ultimately customize your PC to your own liking. However, the overall experience can be a bit intimidating, but Kano is hoping to change that by teaching kids when they are young.

This University Is Offering Admission To YouTubers With More Than 10,000 Subscribers

The world is changing these days where not only are there more ways to learn new things online, but also new ways to make money. Thanks to platforms such as YouTube, it has become increasingly easy for people to find new streams of revenue. As with all careers, it’s not always a guarantee that you’ll become rich, but it has offered people alternatives.

Google Releases Free Drag-And-Drop Tool That Lets You Build 3D Games

Developers of video games have a pretty tough job. This is because there’s really no way to fully satisfy each and every single gamer out there, where even highly-rated games will always have gamers who will complain about something, about features that should be changed, and so on.

DJI’s Robomaster S1 Wants To Make Learning Coding And Robotics Fun

Back in the day, learning coding was a very niche topic to study and there were many who believe that it wasn’t a particularly important topic to learn, unless that was the field that you wanted to get into. These days, it’s a very different story as many companies and institutions are starting to emphasize the importance of coding.

Apple’s CEO Thinks That Coding Should Be Taught At Younger Ages

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook has not been shy in his opinion that coding should be taught in schools. In fact, more recently it seems that Cook thinks that coding should be taught at a young age and that going to university and getting a four-year degree to become proficient at coding is not necessary.

FDA Creates A Game That Will Help Kids To Stop Smoking

We all know that smoking is bad for your health and that kids smoking is also another issue. However the FDA thinks that they might have the answer to stop kids from smoking and that is through the creation of a PC and Xbox One game dubbed “One Leaves”. This game has been designed to scare kids into stopping.

Rakuten’s CEO Wants All Of His 17,000 Employees To Learn To Code

Back in the day, learning computer programming was largely optional unless you specifically wanted a career in it. However these days with all our gadgets and tech, learning to code has become more important than ever, especially since it opens up so many different avenues and career paths.

Apple Launches Initiative To Help Combat Fake News

Last year Apple announced that they acquired Texture, a “Netflix for magazines” so to speak. The acquisition is said to be part of a larger plan where Apple expects to launch their own news and magazine subscription service, and it seems that Apple could be trying to give its service more credibility.

Google Launches A Free App To Teach English To Kids

There are many languages spoken around the world, but if you are planning on doing business in the west, then there is a good chance that your business will be conducted in English. Since not all of us were brought up on English, this can be challenging for some, but Google seems to want to do their part.

This Extension Helps You Learn A New Language While You Watch Netflix

Learning a new language can be fun, but we imagine that attending classes or reading a book can be a bit boring. However there is some good news for those looking to learn a new language. There is a Chrome extension which when installed, will help users learn a new language while watching their favorite Netflix show.