Samsung and Apple certainly aren’t friends, and it’s safe to say after the legal back and forth between both companies, we wouldn’t be surprised if neither company wanted anything to do with the other, apart from perhaps a professional relationship. Now there have been rumors that suggested that Apple could be reducing their reliance on Samsung not only to produce their displays, but also manufacturing their chips used in their iOS devices.

A report from a while back indicated that Samsung had been reduced to merely a manufacturer of Apple’s chip designs, rather than having an input on the design like they did in the past, but how does this affect Samsung? According to recent rumors (via Digitimes), it seems that it could affect Samsung in a pretty big way to the extent that the South Korea company might have to delay the construction of a new logic fabrication facility known as Line-17.

When Samsung had originally planned the construction of the facility, they took into account a high volume of orders from Apple as they had in the past, but due to the deteriorating relationship between both companies, Apple has reportedly reached out to other manufacturers to help with the manufacturing of their chips, which means that Samsung will no longer be the sole manufacturer. This alleged drop in orders has prompted Samsung to slow down its logic-IC capacity expansion.

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