When it comes to developing apps for mobile platforms, most developers choose to develop mainly for iOS and Android, sometimes creating apps for Blackberry or Windows Phone as an afterthought, although apps for the latter two platforms usually arrive later. This also depends on the developer themselves and whether they have the resources and time to develop for more platforms as it would require more testing to be performed. That being said, Recruit.net, a job search website, surveyed their 1 million daily searches and discovered something rather interesting.

It seems that employers in the Asia Pacific region are currently on the lookout for more Android developers than they are iOS. This is based on keyword searches which resulted in 14,733 positions containing the word “Android”, while 11,264 words and 8,847 words contained the terms “iOS” and “iPhone” respectively. Recruit has been keep tracking of both platforms in 2007, and as you can see in the graph above, the gap between iOS and Android has been growing wider since 2010 with Android in the lead. Given that there are just as many apps in the Google Play store compared to the iTunes App Store, this news hardly comes as a surprise, but what do you guys think? Have you noticed that more people are searching for Android developers rather than for iOS?

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