Here we are with a future Tony Stark in the making – 15-year-old Kelvin Doe, who lives in Sierra Leone with his parents, must have had enough of an erratic electricity power supply, and decided that instead of complaining or whining about the situation, he would rather take positive steps and do something about it. Kelvin’s solution is simple, and based on the saying that “if Ahmad would not go to the mountain, why not make the mountain come to Ahmad?”, where he ended up using all of his ingenuity to build a battery so that his family home can be powered, without having to rely on an unstable electric supply that turns on only several times each month.

Sierra Leone native and MIT doctoral student, David Senegh, check out Kelvin’s incredible self-taught engineering skills, and has already badgered him to pay a visit to MIT. Senegh himself heads Innovate Salone, a non-profit organization that supports high school students who are on the lookout to improve the quality of life in their home country. In fact, Senegh managed to raise enough dough so that Kelvin can pay a visit to MIT as a guest resident for three weeks.

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