With Assassin’s Creed 3 having been released not too long ago, we guess it’s not surprising that Ubisoft is already planning its sequel and in a recent survey sent out to some of their customers, a rather interesting feature may or may not make its way into the next Assassin’s Creed title. According to the survey, Ubisoft probed its customers and asked if a co-op mode would be favored by players. Basically it asked if players were open to the idea of their friends being able to join them in a solo play mode and help them out with a mission. It sounds like a pretty good idea and to be honest, playing games with friends certainly makes it much more entertaining, so personally I would welcome such a feature, but what do you guys think? Ubisoft also asked how gamers would feel if they were to release the game next year. We get where they’re coming from – if titles are released too frequently, some gamers might be worried that quality could be lacking and that its developers are simply looking for a quick way to make some money.

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