For those unfamiliar, Apple’s A-series of processors are currently built by Samsung in a Texas fabrication facility, although given Apple and Samsung’s degrading relationship what with the lawsuits and all, there has been plenty of rumors suggesting that Apple could ditch Samsung as a chip manufacturer. The rumors have suggested that TSMC could be a candidate to build Apple’s chips, while not too long ago reports have indicated that Apple and Intel have struck some kind of new partnership over the building of mobile processors.

That being said, if we were to read in between the lines of Governor Andrew Cuomo’s statement, Apple might actually end up building the chips themselves. This follows reports that a pitch has been made in New York to build a 3.2 million square foot computer chip factory, with fingers pointing at Apple as the one who proposed the plan. When asked about it on a radio show, Governor Cuomo replied by saying, “Well, we’re shopping a lot of different companies at any given time […] Apple has a lot of competition, obviously, for their location. I don’t think that they’re anywhere yet in the decision-making.” What made his statement interesting was the fact that he did not discount the possibility of Apple, possibly inferring that Apple could be leading the charge. In any case we’ll try not to speculate too much for now, but check back with us at a later date where hopefully we will have more details to share.

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