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TSMC Will Reportedly Supply Apple Micro OLED Displays For The Apple Glasses
There have been rumors for a while now that Apple could be developing its own pair of smart glasses, which at the moment has been nicknamed the Apple Glasses. Now according to a new report from Nikkei, they are reporting that TSMC will apparently be the one to supply Apple with the micro OLEDs that will be used in the glasses.

This Is How Well Apple’s A14 Chipset Will Perform
Apple’s iPhone 12 handsets are expected to be powered by a new A14 chipset. We expect that the upgrade will introduce a bunch of changes and improvements over its predecessor, but exactly by how much are we looking at? Turns out that the A14 could prove to be a rather substantial upgrade.

TSMC Could Remain Apple’s Exclusive Supplier For 2019’s A13 Chips
For the past few iPhone generations, TSMC has reportedly been the exclusive supplier to Apple for their A-series chipsets. Prior to that, both Samsung and TSMC were producing the chipsets for Apple. Now it looks like TSMC’s exclusive deal with Apple could continue into 2019, according to a report from EE Times.

TSMC Shares Additional Details About Virus That Shut Down Its Production
Recently Taiwanese company TSMC announced that they discovered a computer virus on their systems that forced them to temporarily halt production of their chipsets. Not much was known about the virus, but in a new report from Bloomberg, the company has since come forward with additional details about it.


TSMC Temporarily Halts Production Following Computer Virus
Could Apple’s iPhones be delayed or be available in limited quantities at the start? That usually seems to be the case, and unfortunately that might not change with 2018’s iPhones because in a statement released by TSMC, it appears that the company’s production had to be temporarily halted due to the discovery of a computer virus.

Samsung Reportedly Trying To Win Apple's A13 Chip Orders
Apple has relied on Samsung in the past to mass produce processors for its iPhones but it shifted its entire production run to Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. or TSMC a couple of years ago. Samsung has thus been out of Apple’s processor supply chain but if a new report is to be believed, the company is trying hard to win orders for the company’s next chip which will presumably be […]

Apple’s A12 Chipset Could Be 20% Faster, 40% More Efficient
It goes without saying that Apple’s A12 chipset that will probably find its way into 2018’s iPhones and iPads will be faster and more powerful than its predecessor. However exactly how much faster are we talking about? Apparently it will be about 20% faster and 40% more efficient, or that’s what the speculation is at the moment.

TSMC Thinks Premium Smartphone Shipments Will Decline In 2018
Some analysts are predicting that Apple’s “real” super cycle will begin this year with the release of 2018’s iPhones, and while that remains to be seen, it seems that not everyone is so optimistic, such as TSMC who appears to be predicting that premium smartphone shipments are expected to decline in 2018.

TSMC Could Be The Exclusive Manufacturer Of Apple’s A12 Chipset
For a while Apple has relied on Samsung to produce their A-series of chipsets that have been found in the iPhones and iPads, but in recent years Apple has also turned to other companies such as TSMC, who last we heard was the exclusive supplier for the A11 Bionic chipset. That exclusivity was thought to end in 2018 with Samsung coming on board for the A12, but apparently that might […]

TSMC Could Start Producing Qualcomm’s Chipsets In 2018
At the moment there are probably only a handful of companies in the world that have the facilities and processes necessary to manufacture the chipsets that are found in smartphones today. This includes the likes of Samsung and TSMC, both of whom have regularly made the headlines when it comes to chipset production, especially with regards to Apple.

TSMC Could Be The Sole Supplier Of Apple’s 2018 A-Series Chips
A recent report out of Korea has suggested that in 2018, Samsung could be brought back into the fold by Apple as being one of their suppliers for their 2018 A-series chipsets that will be used in the iPhone 9 (or whatever it will be called). This means that once again it will be both TSMC and Samsung supplying Apple with the chipsets.

Qualcomm 7nm Chip Reportedly Being Produced By TSMC
According to a new report out of South Korea, Qualcomm has tapped the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company or TSMC for the production of its next-generation 7-nanometer semiconductor chips. If this report is correct, it would signal a big move for Qualcomm which is currently aligned with a major player in the semiconductor industry.

TSMC Reportedly Confirms iPhone Embedded Fingerprint Sensor
There have been rumors to suggest that Apple will go with an embedded fingerprint sensor with the iPhone 8, where the home button will be removed and users can scan their fingerprint via the display. However there have been some photos that surface that suggests that maybe Apple might simply move the fingerprint sensor to the back.

iPhone 8 Processor Production May Begin Soon
Apple is not due to unveil new iPhones until the fall this year but that doesn’t mean that the wheels aren’t already in motion to get everything ready in time for mass production. A new report claims that Apple’s primary chip partner, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. or TSMC, is going to start volume production of the A11 processor in next month. This chip is going to debut with the iPhone […]

TSMC To Decide On US Chip Plant In 2018
As you might have heard over the past few months, US President Donald Trump has been saying that US tech companies, such as Apple, should move their production back to the US instead of outsourcing to the likes of China. One of Apple’s manufacturing partners Pegatron joked that they might consider it if Apple pays for it, but TSMC could be taking it seriously.

TSMC Refutes Claims Of Poor Foundry Yields On 10nm Chips
According to a report from about a week ago, it was suggested that Apple’s 2017 iPads could either be delayed or in short supply at launch. This was apparently due to TSMC’s foundry problems that produced poor yields of the 10nm chips. However that report might have been false as TSMC has since refuted those claims.

2018 iPhone Rumored To Use TSMC's 7nm Processors
The rumor mill already expects Apple to introduce some major changes with the iPhone next year but that doesn’t mean there won’t be speculation about the iPhone that’s due after that. Word on the street is that it’s possible that the 2018 iPhone will use 7nm processors manufactured by the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company. It’s claimed that TSMC is going to be the exclusive supplier of mobile chips for Apple’s […]

Apple Reportedly Working With TSMC On 10nm A11 Processors
Word on the street is that Apple has started working with TSMC or Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. on the “A11” processors that we’ll see in the company’s 2017 devices. The A11 is reportedly based on the 10nm manufacturing process, meaning that the chips will provide more power while being more efficient. The new chips are said to utilize TSMC’s integrated fan-out and wafer-level packaging technologies.

TSMC Could Have The Exclusive To Apple’s A10 & A11 Chipsets
According to the rumors from last year, TSMC could be getting an exclusive contract to manufacture Apple’s A10 chipset for this year’s iPhone. The rumors have persisted and earlier this year, it was “confirmed” that TSMC would be the exclusive manufacturer for the A10 chipset, and now new rumors have indicated TSMC’s exclusivity could extend beyond the A10.

TSMC Rumored To Have Begin Designing Apple’s A11 Chipset
This year’s iPhone 7 will most likely pack the A10 chipset, which means that based on Apple’s habits over the past few years, there is a good chance that next year’s iPhone will pack the A11 chipset under its hood. That being said, this year’s iPhone has yet to be officially announced, but now word on the street has it that TSMC is already beginning work on the A11.