Earlier this month we reported that Audiogalaxy had been acquired by Dropbox, and on Audiogalaxy’s blog, they stated that they would no longer be accepting new users. It would have been a fair speculation to think that they would no longer accept new users until the new management took over, but as it turns out the reason they aren’t accepting new users is because the service will be shutting down on the 31st of January 2013. This was announced by Audiogalaxy on their Facebook page where they simply said that their service would be shutting down. It is still no clear what Dropbox has planned for Audiogalaxy, but hopefully they will not be taking Audiogalaxy too far from its core competency.

For those unfamiliar with Audiogalaxy, it is basically a service where one of its features allows users to stream songs from their computer (as long as it is turned on) onto their mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet, through Audiogalaxy’s dedicated app. For those on unlimited data plans or who don’t stream that much, using Audiogalaxy is a good way to save memory on your mobile device especially if your music library is pretty huge. Until then it looks like Audiogalaxy users will have about a month to start looking for alternatives – Google Play Music, perhaps?

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