On the last day of last month, we did bring you word that the Grand Theft Auto 5 has touched the 100,000 petition mark, and here we are just a wee bit after that (where most folks would be spending most of their weekend away from the computer) receiving news that the number of signatures on the petition for Grand Theft Auto 5 to appear onto the PC have surpassed the 110,000 mark – a few short of 111,000, in fact. It had always been Rockstar’s “policy”, if you can call it that, to deliver their signature Grand Theft Auto titles to the PC platform sooner or later, regardless of whether folks petitioned for it, but to see this petition snowball into such a figure within a short period of time is definitely something worth mulling over.

Of course, if you were a PC gamer, you too, would want Rockstar to get off on the right footing by ensuring that the Grand Theft Auto 5 version on the PC would be a well done port instead of a gimped version just to satiate the wants of the masses. You know what they say, ask, and it shall be given unto you…

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