Three days ago we reported that a petition had been launched to bring GTA 5 onto the PC and that the people behind the petition were aiming for 100,000 signatures. Well it looks like they have managed to achieve just that! Unfortunately no word from Rockstar on how they plan to respond to the petition – after all they are not obliged to listen to the petition, but if anything hopefully this 100,000 over signatures will be enough to grab Rockstar’s attention and let them know that there are over 100,000 PC gamers who are dying to get their hands on the game.

As a bit of a backstory, the GTA franchise has been typically released on both PC and console, but in the case of GTA 5, Rockstar has not announced availability for the PC just yet, only stating that the game will arrive on the PS3 and Xbox 360 come 2013. This does not mean that it will not arrive on the PC, but omitting the PC and by saying that it is “under consideration” certainly does not sound like good news for PC gamers. Gamers have cited the mod-ability of the PC version of GTA as being one of the fun aspects of playing it on the PC. Either way we’ll be keeping tabs on this and hopefully Rockstar will respond to this petition soon.

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