If you have a young boy in your home who has an overactive imagination, then you might want to brace yourself to be a superdad after reading this. Five year old Finn is one blessed kid, as his dad took the time, trouble and creativity to use discarded TV broadcast equipment in order to conjure this unique spaceship bed, which is more than ideal to send a kid’s imagination soaring as he figure out just what he is going to be when he grows up.

The panel is a Grass Valley video switcher, which is a piece of equipment deemed as useless since it was fished from of a dumpster that is behind a local TV station. When new, the video switcher was most probably crazy expensive, but the force of time and advancements in technology has probably made it worth nothing today. Jeremiah Gorman, dad extraordinary, decided to take this video switcher and turn it into a spaceship control panel. Additional lighting is added to the mix for dramatic effect, and all he needs to do now is make sure that he has the time to figure out how to make some robots to move around.

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