It seems that not all is well between Microsoft and Apple (what’s new), as it seems that there is a disagreement between both companies on the amount of money that Apple should get from each SkyDrive purchase made over their device, whether it is using the official SkyDrive app, or through integration with 3rd party apps. Basically, Apple is asking for 30% with a similar policy that Dropbox “suffered” from, which eventually saw Dropbox remove all methods for an iOS user to pick up extra storage.

It seems that Microsoft’s biggest beef is also forking out 30% to Apple should the user choose to continue with the length of the subscription, where this might easily span out to a few years, or even last longer than the Apple device being used itself. What do you think of Apple asking a 30% cut – is it reasonable or not, as an outsider looking in?

Right now, the first 7 GB of SkyDrive storage is available for free, although you can purchase up to 100GB of storage.

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