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OneDrive Launch To Entice Users With Free Storage
Microsoft originally called its cloud storage service SkyDrive, but the name got it involved in a legal dispute last year. The company settled, agreeing to rebrand the service. Recently it confirmed that SkyDrive will be renamed as OneDrive, and that the updated service will be launched “soon.” Microsoft hasn’t provided a concrete launch date as yet, though rumor has it that its going to entice users with free cloud storage […]

Microsoft Introduces OneDrive As A SkyDrive Rebrand
There is nothing quite like a rebranding exercise once in a while to make sure that your product remains fresh in peoples’ memories, not to mention ensuring that it enters into the consciousness of many. Microsoft has just rebranded their cloud storage service to OneDrive, where it was formerly known as SkyDrive. This move came about after the software giant had a dispute with British Sky Broadcasting Group (BSkyB) concerning […]

Microsoft's Early Christmas Present: 20GB Of Free SkyDrive Storage For WP users
Christmas is just around the corner and people are busy with shopping and wrapping of gifts that they intend to give out. It is certainly going to be a festive time and even Microsoft has pitched into the holiday festivities. Redmond has sent out an email, which actually comes as a rather early Christmas present. The company is offering 20GB of free SkyDrive storage to people who use Windows Phone […]

Microsoft Might Rename SkyDrive To 'NewDrive'
We reported back in July that Microsoft had settled with UK’s BSkyB which had sued it for infringing on its “Sky” brand by calling its cloud storage service SkyDrive. Microsoft has spent considerable resources in building up the SkyDrive brand in the particularly competitive cloud storage niche, however since it opted to settle the lawsuit, it meant that the company will have to rename SkyDrive. BSkyB had agreed to let […]


SkyDrive For iOS Updated With Automatic Photo Uploads
Today Microsoft has rolled out a major update of the SkyDrive app for iOS. The biggest feature that this app comes with is automatic photo uploads, the app is now capable of automatically uploading all pictures taken with the device’s camera to SkyDrive. All photos are uploaded in the background and over Wi-Fi, though users have the option to enable upload on mobile networks and to allow video uploads as […]

Xbox One DVR Clips Can Be Uploaded, Shared With SkyDrive
The Xbox One is releasing in just three days, and we’re still learning more about what we can and can’t do with the next-generation console. The latest news Microsoft is sharing regarding the Xbox One is owners of the console will be able to load and share game DVR and uploads through the company’s SkyDrive cloud storage service.Owners of the Xbox One will be able to save their game clips […]

SkyDrive With Your Xbox One
So, you happen to be one of those who wants to pick up the Xbox One console when it finally hits the market later this month? Well, I am quite sure that you are going to have a smashing time with this video game console, but there is one thing that you ought to remember that the Xbox One is not all about games, as there will also be something […]

SkyDrive Users Experience Access Issues
Hmmm, it seems that gaining access to a particular online service is not all that plain sailing in the past few days. Google had issues with their Gmail, with slow email deliveries being one of the major thorns recently, and here we are with Microsoft’s SkyDrive – a cloud data storage service that does seem to affect a bunch of folks who are unable to see or modify their files. […]

Microsoft Gives 200GB Free 2-Years SkyDrive Storage With New Surface 2 And Surface Pro 2 Purchases
So, the big news from Microsoft yesterday were two of its tablet – the Surface 2 as well as the Surface Pro 2, which was announced to the masses to continue from where the existing Surface models left off. The thing is, the good news has not stopped since yesterday, as here we are with a video that you can check out above. Microsoft is offering to those who have […]

Microsoft To Rename SkyDrive Following Court Verdict
You might be familiar with SkyDrive, Microsoft’s cloud based data storage. The company has put in a lot of resources in to building up this brand, particularly in the competitive cloud storage niche where you have players like Dropbox and Apple’s iCloud. Recently, a UK court gave its verdict on a lawsuit brought by BSkyB, which claimed that Microsoft was infringing on its trademark through the SkyDrive brand. The court ruled […]

Microsoft Updated With New Enhancements
There are a lot of ways through which you can manage your files on SkyDrive. There are mobile apps and softwares for Windows and Mac. If you like managing files through your web browser, by going to, you’re in luck. In a new blog post today Microsoft has detailed several enhancements that it has made to the web interface of its cloud storage solution.Files saved on SkyDrive can now […]

SkyDrive For Windows Phone Bugs Fixed In New Update
SkyDrive for Windows Phone 8 gets an update and fixes bugs.

Microsoft Giving 3GB Bonus SkyDrive Storage To Students
Microsoft is now giving an additional 3GB of free SkyDrive storage, on top of the 7GB it already offers, to students.

Windows Phone 8 Full Resolution Photo And Video Backup Goes Worldwide
Windows Phone 8 gets worldwide rollout of full resolution photo and video backup.