One of the reasons people choose the mobile operating systems that they do involves many factors, such as hardware of the phone running the operating system, features, user-friendliness, number of apps and etc. Well if you were thinking about picking up Blackberry 10 in 2013, you might be interested to learn that it looks like Netflix could be making its way onto RIM’s upcoming mobile operating system. This is thanks to @BlackberryScoop who posted a couple of screenshots of what appears to be Netflix running on Blackberry 10. Word has it that RIM is trying to get Netflix onto Blackberry 10 and @BlackberryScoop is said to be helping to test the beta. At the moment he claims that the beta is still rather buggy and drains more battery than necessary, but hopefully RIM will be able to sort this out in time for Blackberry 10’s launch on the 30th of January 2013.

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