Nokia Lumia 920 Review

Developers are working on games… but the current selection is very limited

Do you still listen to the radio these days? Now, you would surely wonder just what kind of radio are we talking about – the FM kind, or perhaps those Internet radio stations that number by the thousands. Well, the old school FM radio might be far more limited in choice, but at least you know it is capable of keeping you entertained (somewhat, with the right DJs) without having to bring a short stop to your smartphone’s monthly data allocation. Well, the Nokia Lumia 920′s Snapdragon S4 processor was said to come with an integrated FM tuner, so how come Lumia 920 owners are unable to use it?

Perhaps Nokia’s release of information concerning the built-in FM tuner is a sign of things to come, that they will release a software update in due time that will enable the FM tuner to be part of the Lumia 920’s performance DNA. Otherwise, it would just be shooting themselves in the feet, drawing attention to a hardware feature which remains disabled permanently.

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Nokia Lumia 920
1280x768 IPS LCD
Price (approximative)
~$155 - Amazon
8 MP
Image Stabilization
185 g
2000 mAh
Launched in
Snapdragon S4 + None
Storage (GB)
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