Assuming you are one of those folks out there who have resisted the clarion call of the smartphone industry, and have stuck to a featurephone all this while, good for you. Surely you are one of the tough nuts for the smartphone industry to crack, and Skype knows that there is always the possibility of working into the psyches and minds of this particular crowd. In fact, you might be using one of the more modern featurephones in the market that runs on the Symbian Belle FP1/FP2 operating system, so why not enjoy a little bit of Skype on it as well?

Skype has just introduced a version of their super popular VoIP software for the Belle FP1/FP2 platform, where among the hardware that will benefit from this move would be the sharpshooting Nokia 808 Pureview. So far, the app does seem to resemble like the old one, although you can expect the usual slew of improvements that accompany each new version release. Have you given Skype for Belle FP1/FP2 a go already, and how did you find it?

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