Here is a quick question – did you know that the 60kWh Tesla Model S has a range of 208 miles on a full charge? Sure you knew that, but surely only a few folks realize that the Model S’ door handle could actually be transformed into a handy beer dispenser. Yes sir, Matt Brown, a Senior Design Engineer at Tesla decided to spend some of his free time to turn a prototype door handle of the Tesla S into a beer dispenser. Talk about turning trash into gold! This innovative car hack can be seen in the video above, and it sure as heck has made us here at the office thirsty for a pre-lunch drink.

Matt says that his invention will rely on an Arduino chipset to control it, but Matt had to do all the wiring himself as well as code new controls to get it up and running. An infrared proximity sensor below the spout seems to work wonders, and the entire invention is said to have an 80% reliability rate. Will any other car door handle do? We would like to think so, but none would be as cool as a door handle from an electric car.

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