Those who have had quite an eye on the high end Tesla Model S that sports a 85-kWh battery pack for a long time and yet never got around to signing on the dotted line because of the price will now have an opportunity to own the same car – albeit at a lower price and with a 60-kWh battery pack. The EPA has whipped out its calculator, and after they are done with it, figured out that you will be able to travel a cool 208 miles out of this puppy on a full charge. This would mean it has achieved a 95 miles per gallon equivalent (MPGe) combined, 94 in the city and 97 on the highway, with the 60-kWh pack. If you want to make a comparison, the 85-kWh model hit 89 MPGe (combined), 88 (city) and 90 (highway), so anyone with a penchant for statistics would easily see that the 60-kWh Model S is approximately 6% to 7% more efficient.


Apparently, the higher level of efficiency in the 60-kWh model of the Tesla Model S has to do with the smaller battery pack, as the weight of the test driver should remain the same unless he suddenly had a whole load of burgers while testing a different car. Oh yeah, and at a cheaper price point, too, the delayed 60-kWh model does seem to be the far more desirable version to park in your garage this Christmas.

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