With RIM so close to launching its Blackberry 10 platform and its accompanying device in early 2013, the last thing they need would be legal troubles to trip them up, but that’s exactly what has happened. It seems that a company by the name of Wi-LAN has filed a lawsuit against RIM for allegedly infringing upon a patent pertaining to Bluetooth technology. According to the lawsuit, Wi-LAN believes that RIM’s range of Blackberry devices like the Playbook, Bold, Torch, Pearl and Storm have infringed upon their patent and unsurprisingly, the company is looking for RIM to pay them an undisclosed amount in damages, and at the same time are looking for a preliminary and possibly permanent injunction. Wi-LAN appears to be a patent licensing company, which we can’t help but think is just a nice way of calling them patent trolls. Either way RIM has yet to respond, but this isn’t the first company Wi-LAN has gone after as they have targeted companies like Apple and HTC over alleged LTE patent infringements.

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