As big of a year as Rovio had with its Angry Bird games in 2012, Mojang, developer of Minecraft , had a great year in their own right as they announced today their game received 15 million downloads last year, one-third of which occurred in December alone.

In a blog post published today, Mojang highlighted download figures across all platforms Minecraft is available on, which as of now is PC, Mac, Xbox 360, iOS and Android. In 2012, the platform where Minecraft was downloaded the most wasn’t the PC, where it originally debuted, but instead, on iOS and Android with nearly six million downloads, nearly 284k copies were purchased on Christmas Day. The Xbox 360 version came in second place for most downloads with a little over 5 million, and PC & Mac came in last with over 4 million downloads.

In the same blog post, Mojang teased the upcoming released of Minecraft: Pi Edition which will be focused on the development crowd as it’ll support several programming languages and carry a revised feature set.

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