Who would have thought that the console version of Minecraft on the Xbox 360 would have done as well as it did? In fact, since the game’s launch in May last year, Minecraft Xbox 360 has already gone quintuple platinum, meaning it has passed the 5 million mark sold, according to Mojang business developer Daniel Kaplan. When you compare that to the PC and Mac versions of Minecraft, those have moved 8.7 million copies as of point of publishing, which means the Xbox 360 version is not too far behind in total sales.

In fact, just to get a better idea on just how popular the Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition was when it first rolled out on May 9th, 2012, it ended up as profitable in a matter of a single hour, this after moving more than 400,000 copies within its first 24 hours on sale, and smashing all prior Xbox Live arcade digital sales records in the process. It touched 1 million in sales in a matter of five days, dethroning Call of Duty from the top of the Xbox Live activity chart along the way for a full week during the month of October.

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