We’ve heard rumors that Apple could be developing an iWatch, rumors suggesting that the team working on the device is 100-man strong, with some speculating that the iWatch might be a sign of desperation from Apple to stay relevant. Well whatever the case is, it seems that a patent has been recently discovered by the folks at Apple Insider, revealing at back in August of 2011, Apple filed for a patent for an invention which seems to suggest that they might have thought about the possibility of an iWatch a couple of years ago.


The patent describes a wearable accessory device that can be worn on the wrist or other body part, and can be connected to a portable device (i.e. iPhone, iPad, etc.) via Bluetooth or WiFi to display information in real time, presumably call notifications, emails or text messages. The patent also describes the way the device can be worn, which is via a “bi-stable spring” – essentially a slap bracelet which for those who have never grown up with one, is a band that when flattened out remains straight, but can be slapped onto the wrist, instantly curling around the wearer.

The patent goes on to suggest that a flexible display might be used, and that the device can be used to interact with mobile devices, such as responding to phone calls or controlling music playback, which is pretty much what smart watches are all about these days anyway. We’re not sure if Apple’s rumored iWatch will actually turn out the way the patent describes it, but for those who remain skeptical about Apple’s alleged iWatch, you can take comfort in knowing that at some point in time, such a device was considered by the Cupertino company, but as to whether it actually materializes remains to be seen.

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