So, a smartwatch that is being developed by Apple is no longer a secret, and some have even gone ahead by coining it to be the iWatch. Well, Bloomberg reports that Apple has actually assigned a team of approximately 100 product designers to work on a wristwatch-like device which could possibly perform its fair share of tasks which are currently handled by the iPhone and iPad. The team is said to have expanded in the past year alone, where it will include managers, marketing group executives, and software and hardware engineers who did have experience working on the iPhone and iPad before.

With at least 100 folks manning the iWatch ship, such a size would definitely suggest that Apple has moved beyond the experimentation phase in this smart timepiece’s development, don’t you think so? An analyst claimed that there would be far more folks who would not mind wearing an Apple watch compared to a pair of Google glasses – do you agree with that particularly bold statement or not?

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