Free Minecraft PiBack in November of last year, Mojang the company behind Minecraft, announced that the game was coming to the Raspberry Pi platform. In case, you don’t know about Raspberry Pi, it’s a very small computer design (credit-card sized) that can be used as a core system, and extended for many purposes. It’s incredibly cheap ($25 – $35 with more connectors) and is powered by a Broadcom BCM2835 system on chip (SoC) which features hardware graphics etc.

Minecraft for Raspberry Pi is completely free, and is now available for download. According to Mojang, Minecraft Pi will have a limited set of features. We’re not sure what this will evolve into, but the cost of building a Minecraft Lan-party just drop by a factor of 10X.

For those not familiar with Minecraft, it is an open world game in which users can shape their world by taking action (adding/deleting) basic building blocks of materials. The game has many aspects such as a purely creative mode where players can fly, or a survival mode where they need to manage resources and hunger. In the most difficult mode, the world resets upon death. Ouch.

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