It was not too long ago (earlier in February, in fact), where it was discovered that the iPhone actually contained a major security vulnerability, and this potential loophole enabled someone to gain unauthorized user access to the smartphone’s phone app, contacts, voicemail as well as photos. This particular vulnerability was shared in detail over in a YouTube video for the masses, showing the world just how one was able to bypass the lock screen of a passcode-protected iPhone with ease.

Apple of course, owned up to this particular bug, mentioning that they had every intention of fixing this bug and squashing it permanently with a software update rolling out sometime down the road. Unfortunately for Apple and iPhone owners, there has been a new vulnerability that was discovered as depicted in the YouTube video above, using a similar method as the earlier hack, followed by plugging the compromised iPhone into a computer so that it can gain access to the handset’s internal data. iPhone users, what are you going to do about it? Hopefully there will be a permanent fix for it, and soon!

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