The world of gaming peripherals for computer does have its fair share of champions, and depending on just which side you prefer to fall back on, there are many choices that suits different budgets out there. For instance, Asus has lumped most of their gaming hardware under the Republic of Gamers (ROG) banner, and their latest mouse comes in the form of the Eagle Eye GX1000.

The Asus Eagle Eye GX1000 would come with its fair share of technological advancements, where among them include integrated LEDs, a 50 to 8200dpi laser sensor that can be adjusted on-the-fly, and software configuration abilities. What makes the Eagle Eye GX1000 be a class above the normal plastic mice would be the clever use of brushed aluminium, which normally is not the first choice when it comes to gaming mice, but it does seem to go down well this time around. You will have to fork out at least a Benjamin for the Eagle Eye GX1000 if you want one. Any takers so far, or do the gaming mice from other brands interest you more?

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