Google it!” seems to be the mantra for anyone without having to blink twice these days when it comes to naming a search engine. Well, sure Google commands the lion’s share of online search queries, but this does not mean the “crumbs” left in the market are by any means small. Microsoft and Yahoo are still in it, and Microsoft’s has not really taken off in a big way, but it has survived until now. It seems that Microsoft has decided to update the rather tired looking history page user interface in without much fanfare at all, and the new look resembles what you would normally see on Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 devices.

The text link is no longer there, as it has been replaced by a series of squares, where there are blue colored boxes which show searches for particular topics which have generated more than a lonely result, while white and black boxes will depict text searches on Bing, and you will also be greeted by video or image thumbnails in the boxes whenever similar search results under those categories are part of the equation. Bear in mind that this is not a worldwide change just yet, so do not expect to hear anything official from Microsoft until that happens!

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