EA is already having plenty of troubles with SimCity as it already is at the moment, and the company certainly did not leave any room for them to win over customers as they decided not to change their return policy for digital purchases in any way, which means no refunds are in order. Naturally, with SimCity running into server issues that subsequently led to access problems and scaled-back features for players who are lucky enough to log in, folks have been clamoring for a refund, and none seem to be in sight anytime soon, if at all.

EA tweeted, “In general we do not offer refunds on digital download games.” Thing is, EA does offer a “14-day unconditional guarantee” on any physical product that has been sold through the Origin store, but those who purchased digital copies are out of luck. In other words, EA could not give two hoots about its customers who decided to go the digital download way, which is not the thing to do if you want to endear yourself to your customers. We do hope that the SimCity server issues would be solved soon, otherwise it is a dark cloud over a brilliant game.

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