chrome-store-updateGoogle has just rolled out a spanking new updated search interface for its Chrome Web Store, and just what kind of changes does it bring? Well, the most obvious one would be the ability for users to be able to tabulate filter options right at the top of the page, and among the filter choices, they include All, Apps, Extensions and Themes. If you were to check out the All section, you can also opt to click on section headings in order to make a quick jump to a single category search.

These improvements are definitely more than welcome, as it shows how Google has quietly and yet gradually introduced improvements to the search function on its Chrome store. Last July, they actually threw in social recommendations from Google+, which enabled users to check out just which apps members of their circles have already +1′d. It is said that there is also another major revamp coming our way, which allegedly will feature multi-platform support for apps and extensions.

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