I guess you can more or less classify the Nokia Lumia 928 as a phone “species” that is extremely difficult to spot, and it is something like the abominable snowman or Nessie – no one has solid proof that the device exists, and yet from time to time, some “evidence” turns up to support the possibility of the Nokia Lumia 928 being an actual device. Recently, a bunch of leaked images were spotted over on Androidsym, who claims that they have published a range of images that were captured using the Nokia Lumia 928 (but of course!).

Apparently, the EXIF information for each of the photo do seem to point towards the fabled Nokia Lumia 928, which will continue from a purported leaked image from a Nokia employee some days back. The Nokia Lumia 928, assuming it is real, does not seem to look the same as the Nokia Lumia 920, which is what many people have been led to believe. It seems that the somewhat-black element located on the top left hand corner has gotten the Internet abuzz as to guess what it could be. What do you think?

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Key SpecsLumia 928
Status Released
Resolution 1280x768
Display Diagonal 4.5"
Processor/Soc Name Snapdragon, 2-core, 1.5 GHz
Max. Total Storage Capacity 32 GB
Megapixels 8 MP
Battery Capacity (mAh) 2000 mAh
Street Price $399
Complete product data Nokia Lumia 928 Full specs
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