NES Shaped Guitar

comguitarIf you have a heart for all things retro, including video games, then you would surely be able to identify with this guitar that was shaped to resemble an 8-bit Nintendo Famicom (NES) console, coupled with two controllers, now how about that? Of course, several alterations were due to be made, as the body itself is nearly built to scale with the old school game console itself. The designer (and obviously, hands and brains behind this NES shaped guitar goes by the name of Mitsumatsu, where he used around $30 worth of poplar and lauan wood.

The basic body was shaped using the pieces of poplar, where he continued from there by printing out a fair number of decals to match the old Famicom’s autumn foliage color scheme. A couple of controllers were created, with one being attached to a piece of katsura wood to a premade guitar neck, while the other controller with its sets of buttons were cut out. All of that were of course, followed up by painting it lovingly, of course. One of the cooler DIY audio solutions that paid homage to the world of old consoles.

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