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Nintendo Power Line Is Being Revived For A Few Days
Nintendo is gearing up to launch the Nintendo Entertainment System: NES Classic Edition later this month and it’s going to get us all excited about it by going full retro. It’s taking a walk back to the ’80s with the launch of the NES Classic Edition by conducting a special ’80s themed launch event and it’s even going to revive the Nintendo Power Line for a few days.

Nintendo Announces NES Classic Edition Price And Release Date
It turns out that Nintendo is going to release new hardware later this year and to the delight of fans everywhere it’s going to bring back the NES, however, the iconic console is coming back on a much smaller scale. Nintendo today announced the Nintendo Entertainment System Classic Edition. It’s very tiny compared to the original NES and comes with 30 classic games built in.

3DNes Emulator Looks Great
There is always room for a little bit of nostalgia from time to time, and the world of fashion knows this very clearly as well – otherwise, how else does retro fashion make their comeback in spurts and bursts? Having said that, the world of gaming, too, has a retro following, where folks do try to seek out different ways to experience old titles in new ways. Nintendo’s NES is […]

Stadium Events Auction Close To $36k Figure Now
A mint edition of an unopened Stadium Events video game that was meant to work with the NES all those years ago has attracted a whole lot of attention – so much so that the eBay auction in which this video game is being peddled has already touched the $35,300 mark (as at press time). What makes this particular copy of the video game so rare and desirable? Well, it […]


Analogue Nt ‘s Motherboard Showcased
Analogue Interactive’s aluminum body NES, also known as the Analogue Nt – which we talked about some time ago, is all prepared to ship from February 2015 onward, so it would not really hurt too much to have a look at what is underneath the hood, since we already full well know that it is a beauty on the outside. Well, what is uncovered within is also easy on the […]

Super Rare Unopened NES Game To Go On Auction
The law of supply and demand works in this simple manner – if there is too much supply and very little demand, the price will naturally plummet. However, if supply is extremely limited and demand is high, you can more or less expect to fork out a premium for said device. The free market forces at work have seen some pretty wild auctions appear where the world of tech is […]

NES30 Bluetooth Controller Rolls Back The Clock
There is nothing quite like rolling back the years when it comes to thinking of the pleasant memories of the yesteryears. Well, NES games have definitely shaped a generation of gamers who grew up around the grey box in living rooms all over the world, and with that, it would surely be not too difficult to look fondly upon the NES30 Bluetooth controller.

NES Power Glove Controls Full Body Rave Suit
Now here is something that all of your DIY fans might want to look into – the NES Power Glove. Originally released a quarter of a century ago, this has proven to be one of the major hardware failures by Nintendo, having achieved just about ridicule in the technology and gaming industries instead of ushering in a new era of gaming. Basically, the NES Power Glove was specially designed with […]

TMNT Party Wagon Hosts A NES Within
Now that the latest instalment of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT) has hit the silver screen, topping the box office chart over the weekend, are you first timers to the TMNT world interested in checking out just what the original TMNT delivered? Platinumfungi, a modder who is also known as Ryan Fitzpatrick, has come up with something that will get TMNT fans all dew-eyed with his customized TMNT Party Wagon. […]

Nintendo World Championships Rare Cartridge Up For Sale
If you know your NES history, then you’ll definitely know about Nintendo World Championships. It was a custom game that was created for a nationwide Nintendo Entertainment System tournament back in the year 1990. Only 116 cartridges were ever produced, the custom game required players to beat select levels from popular titles like Super Mario Bros., Tetris and Rad Racer under seven minutes. Once the levels had been completed, scores […]

The Entertainment Flask Hides Your Drink Within An NES Cartridge
The holidays means we’re all going to be traveling across the country, and in some cases, the world, in order to be with our family to celebrate various holidays we all celebrate. The holidays also mean many of us are going to be intaking alcohol at an alarming rate for this same reason, so what better way to hide your addiction to alcohol than in something that makes your video […]

Nintendo To Release 2-Disc Album With Music From NES Classics
Do you love anniversaries? There is definitely something about marking a particular event on the calendar, and for those who are avid fans of video games, you ought to take note that 2013 is the year where the humble NES from Nintendo (also known as the “Famicom” in Japan) has just turned 30 this year. I would like to think that this is a unique money making opportunity for Nintendo […]

Mike Tyson Finally Plays Punch-Out!! [Video]
Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!! is a video game that will always be considered a huge influence to many gamers as not only was it one of the first sports games to be published on the NES, but it also did an amazing job at tweaking the difficulty ever so slightly so each new boxer becomes just a bit more difficult. If there’s one thing we can’t believe, it’s the fact Mike […]

NES Controller And Laptop Control A Car
Remember James Bond who used a Sony Ericsson handset to control his BMW 750iL in Tomorrow Never Dies? Well, that was clearly something only the MI6 is capable of coming up with in the movies, but what about real life? I guess life is not all that glamorous, where a couple of security experts who happen to work for DARPA have managed to find a way to control a vehicle […]