There is always room for a little bit of nostalgia from time to time, and the world of fashion knows this very clearly as well – otherwise, how else does retro fashion make their comeback in spurts and bursts? Having said that, the world of gaming, too, has a retro following, where folks do try to seek out different ways to experience old titles in new ways. Nintendo’s NES is one such platform that has nurtured a generation of gamers for a long time, but their characters still continue to appeal to the masses today. How about adding a little bit of depth to the range of NES titles?

This is one interesting emulator that is aptly known as the 3DNes Emulator, where it will be able to introduce more depth than ever before (which was none, by the way) on old, classic titles. How did it achieve this? Well, it will map the original 2D art layers into an actual 3D space, now how about that? You can check it out in the video above, and it makes us feel as though we are looking at a beta version of Donkey Kong Country on the SNES if you were to put Donkey Kong through the paces here.

Right now, the emulator remains as a beta program, so there is no telling just how many more tweaks will be introduced down the road before it becomes available mainstream, if ever.

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