stadium-fitnessA mint edition of an unopened Stadium Events video game that was meant to work with the NES all those years ago has attracted a whole lot of attention – so much so that the eBay auction in which this video game is being peddled has already touched the $35,300 mark (as at press time). What makes this particular copy of the video game so rare and desirable? Well, it is still “factory sealed” – and with the auction about to end this coming Friday, there is every possibility that it could end up breaking the $36,000 mark too.

The seller of the video game had already claimed that its authenticity has been verified by a video game authority over in the USA. An expert did mention that the suggested auction price is definitely surprising, but it goes to show that there is an avenue for video game nostalgia – especially those who grew up in the 1980s and have made a good living for themselves now, being able to splash some of their cash reserves on such items once they have made it big in life.

Nick Parker, an analyst and former Nintendo and Sony employee, shared, “You don’t see games going for that sort of price, it is very unusual – it would be a fanboy’s experience, someone who is very much into gaming heritage.”

Do you think that forking out $36,000 for an alleged factory sealed video game is worth every penny? Beauty, as they say, is in the eye of the beholder, so who are we to claim otherwise? It would be best to play this with something equally extravagant (relatively speaking, of course), like the Analogue Nt NES console.

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