Word on the street has it that Microsoft could be unveiling their next-gen Xbox in April, and while that might be true for the public unveiling, the Xbox 720 could be getting a private unveiling sometime this year. According to listing for a set of conferences, there are several references made to a certain “Xbox Gold” which based on the reports, could possibly be one of the codenames/names of Microsoft’s next-gen console. This is thanks to a rash of domain name registrations related to the Xbox Gold, although there is a good chance that it could be related to the Xbox Live Gold service as opposed to the console.

However if that were the case, wouldn’t the conference name be titled Xbox Live Gold? It is loosely speculated that perhaps Microsoft will drop the “Live” from its branding, but since nothing has been confirmed, all of this is pretty much up in the air at the moment. Either way even if this is true, this is expected to be a closed-door event, so don’t expect to hear any news. The upside is that if this is true, then the rumors of an April launch would certainly make a lot of sense.

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