Back when I was a kid, I used to think that the backgrounds used by the news on TV were real, as in it was a huge window and that it was an actual view of the city behind the reports. Then I grew up and discovered the magic of the green/blue screen and realized that those images were imposed to mimic scenery in real life. However it seems that some product assistant must have gotten confused between real life and a game because during a new reports on Denmark’s TV2, a screenshot from Assassin’s Creed was actually used as the background image meant to depict the skyline of Syria some 720 years ago.

The image was apparently taken from the game’s unofficial Wiki site and if you have not played the game before and weren’t exactly familiar with the world’s history, then we guess you could be forgiven for thinking it was an actual depiction as opposed to a screenshot from a game. This isn’t the first time a news publication has gotten things mixed up as the BBC back in May of 2012 used the insignia of Halo’s United Nations Space Command.

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